its me!!

Hey Im Osk!
Im a south londoner and I mess around with vintage guitars!!
You may catch me in thornton heath or you may not, lol.
I will be making lots of posts on this site about music, musical instruments and international cuisine, oh yes!!!!!!
Fancy some goat curry???

Fake Vodka

Bottles off fake vodka was found in South London in Lewisham.
The stock has been removed.
Vodka is called "Drop Vodka".
Food safety officers are asking people to avoid that brand saying it could be dangerous and might contain dangerous chemicals...(In Vodka?? nah...^^)
The brand was banned from off licence after they discovered that it contained some chemicals that could be dangerous...
So now u know...


Taser - A.K.A Non-Lethal Weapons

Over the next coming weeks I will be delivering three articles about the Taser. For those of you who don't know what a Taser is; it is a non lethal weapon that delivers an electric shock (in the region of 50,000 volts) carried by trained Police officers across London and the UK as a whole.

Hi world

Welcome to the South London Website, where for the next couple of weeks or more, I will be talking about my view and experience about South London.
Been in London about 15 years, dabbled in the music scene mainly, met many south London artists, but actually had only very few opportunities to see what is really going on in the heart of south London.
Looking forward to discover more vibes and get u posted.
Know The Flow.

Interview with Gabrielle Cornish

Gabrielle Cornish is the man behind Ceasefire Studios, a strong production house for most genres of music. Known in circles for his hip-hop, dub, and reggae productions, Gabrielle has built a mammoth catalogue of work spanning almost two decades.

I was able to catch the south london based producer at his studio for a quick interview.

Hello World

Hello world, this is the co-editor of South David. I'm writing to introduce myself formally to the readers and subscribers of South I cant release any information about what we have planned for this year so all I will say is watch this space.


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