~~~~Your True Self~~~~

A little home truth for the people in South London and for the rest of the world.

You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. You are peace and joy and light. You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion. You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth; the greatest peace and the grandest love. You are these things. And in moments of your life you have known yourself as these things. Choose now to know yourself as these things always.

The world is so much brighter, so much better, because you are in it.

If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others. You would never feel sad again, but only rejoice in how wonderful you are!

I would not say these things just to make you feel good. The things I’ve said here happen to be true.

Know the Flow, be happy.