Interview with Gabrielle Cornish

Gabrielle Cornish is the man behind Ceasefire Studios, a strong production house for most genres of music. Known in circles for his hip-hop, dub, and reggae productions, Gabrielle has built a mammoth catalogue of work spanning almost two decades.

I was able to catch the south london based producer at his studio for a quick interview.
How long have you been making music? making music since I was twelve so around twenty odd years now.
What musical genre or style would you say best describes your music? an expression of how, we the musicians, are feeling on a particular day.
How many songs have you produced? lost count, easily in the thousands, and not enough releases.
How did you find your skills as a producer? kinda 1990 was listening to drum & bass, then it got too fast and too many people were doing drugs and then got into sampling and it took me away from D n B and i leaned over more to hip hop, then from hip hop i went onto jazz and funk because i was working out what breaks are what ya know being a geeky, possessive crate digger and buying loads of vinyl down croydon and all the old record shops, trading in all my 90's dnb that I had previously purchased and from there it just grew, musically.
What are your thoughts on the UK music scene? I think there is a lot of good music coming out the UK and all around the world. I don't like to categorise music by country because at the end of the day music is a universal language. if you're talking mainstream and what is in the charts then I would say in one way its good because its making some people a bit of money but on the other hand its likely the industry moulds people and guides people into making music that the industry wants, but thats nothing new but then again I don't keep up to date with whats out there, currently.
Why is it that you don't like to know what's currently hot on in the charts? Well I don't read newspapers and don't watch television to get information as I try not to follow what everyone else is following probably.
You have worked with some very well respected artists such as Ricky Ranking, Roots Manuva, and Seanie T. Which other successful talents have you worked with over the years? I have worked with loads and loads of people and have done a lot of stuff, musically, and alot of that work has not come out (released). so Ive done things so its just vibe, I done lots of touring with artists and found it great, Ive worked with all kinds of artists from all different genres.
What is the most interesting project you have ever worked on? I couldn't say one was better than the other. Even the kind of projects where I have some friends kicking it and just jump on the mic, having fun, I find is inspiring. Its a swap of energy I guess.
What is the latest project you're working on? The never ending project; its an ongoing project that never stops. Ive got so much music and I need to find an avenue of getting it out. I really want to let people hear all my work and not worry so much about price-tagging music. We end with the Ceasefire founder summing up, in he's view, who would be interested in his sound; confidently mentioning that there is enough diversity and enough material in the Ceasfire catalogue for most listeners to enjoy. His final words are: "its my personal taste and it changes all the time".
You can listen and purchase music by Ceasefire Studios by clicking here.