Othello in South London

It was April and I was bored.. then I got a call from my mate inviting me to a play? It was at a small theatre neatly tucked in the back of a pub in Kennington, South London. The play was Shakespeare's Othello. I remember the mere mentioning of 'Othello' in a couple English lessons back at school, in the nineties, but I didn't pay much attention back then. So with that in mind I thought It would be nice to go..
The outcome?
It was a great experience, that, in a way, brought a community of people together. The cast, who a few, turned out to be local to South, friends of friends of the cast, and the locals, came together in this small room to watch Shakespeare's Othello.
I have included the leaflet and poster for the play that took place between 24th and 29th April.

I managed to take a couple pics, one of Kevin Golding who played Othello and the other of Scarlett Barrett who played Desdemona.

(Sorry about the quality of the image above, will upload a better quality image soon.)

The play was put together by director Robyn Moore who is an actress on 'Eastenders' occasionally.
The show only ran for a few weeks which was a shame as I really enjoyed it and wouldn't have mind going along to see it again with a few friends. There is not enough of this type of activity/shows going on in the suburbs, and if it is its not promoted much.
Ive always felt that peer pressure and modern culture/fashion has pushed the younger generation into interpreting old fashion plays/theatricals as uncool and 'in the past'. It can take the under-privileged youth of today many years to come to their senses and realise that we're missing so much :-p...