Venus Transit

What did happen on June 5th.
This particular motion by Venus normally happens, but when it does, the second planet from the sun is usually higher or lower, so it does not block the face of the sun. Twice in a hundred years, however, Venus is aligned between the Earth and the sun in a good position to block the sun's light. It is like an eclipse, but a miniature one. Instead of the sun looking like a ring of fire or a broken ball of light, it appears with a dot on its face instead. we won’t see her transit again in our lifetime, as her next booking will only be in 2117!
For the astrologers, Venus is a planet that celebrates man's desire for the good things in life.Venus understands the beauty of form, possession and manifestation.
Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, planet Venus is often known as the Morning Star and the Bringer of Light. Between the first and second transits of her journey, the five retrograde cycles of Venus around the sun, if traced, forms the shape of the pentagram, the five-pointed star.

According to Astrolink’s Rose Marcus, this measurement is akin to the mathematician’s quintile (division of fifths), and symbolizes a creative transformation as theorized by the ancient Mayans, whose calendar was based on Venus cycles.

“Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity,” wrote Rose. “In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her one-ness or all-ness. The solarized feminine creator is all encompassing.”

Astrologer Govinda Miller sees the transit as an awakening of the divine feminine energies in our world. “As the Divine Feminine energy interfaces with human consciousness, it awakens and expands compassion within our hearts, and emotional healing can occur for all of Humanity. Compassion awakens the ability to feel and express unconditional love.”
So South London crew and fellow humans, get in touch with your heart;-)

Know the Flow. Be Happy.